Founded in 2002, AAEOY is an annual event on a national platform to recognize and honor outstanding Asian American professionals in Science and Engineering for their technical achievements, leadership, and public services. Hundreds of Asian-American professionals from leading US corporations, prestigious research institutions, as well as US Armed Forces have been selected as the recipients of this prestigious award.In addition, "Distinguished Awards" were also presented to honor and celebrate the achievements of Asian Americans with global statures and influences. Past Distinguished Awardees included Nobel Laureates, scholars, academia leaders, key corporate executives, and astronauts.The best way to know more about AAEOY is by reading the 2019 AAEOY event summary at

The 2020 AAEOY will be filled with activities, including a conference, technical/cultural tour, pre-award dinner, executive forum, talent meet-up/job fair/company exhibition opportunities, VIP networking reception, and a delightful gala banquet. With your help, we will make AAEOY a memorable event to honor the achievements of influential minds of our nation. With your support, we will continue our mission to offer high quality activities and services to the community.

Founded in 1917, Chinese Institute of Engineers/USA (CIE/USA) is a non-profit professional organization of Chinese-American engineers, scientists, and other professionals. The objectives of CIE/USA are to promote Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM),encourage professional advancement and leadership development from Asian-Americans, and provide recognition to Asian American professionals at the national level through flagship programs such as AAEOY. As one of the oldest and the most prestigious Chinese-American engineering associations in the US, CIE/USA hasseven area chapters across the nation and hold manyevents monthly.

Thank you in advance for your support and contribution to AAEOY. We look forward to your attendance at the 2020 AAEOY Award and Conference to celebrate this milestone with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any questions.

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Raymond Y. Chen Brian Pan Simon Ma
Raymond Y. Chen Brian Pan Simon Ma
AAEOY Committee Chair AAEOY Committee Co-Chair CIE/USA National Council Chair