AAEOY stands for Asian American Engineer of the Year award, an annual recognition event on a national platform to honor outstanding Asian American professionals in Science and Engineering for their technical achievements, leadership and public services. As a part of the DiscoverE (previously known as National Engineers Week) Program, AAEOY was first introduced in 2002. This event has since become a prestigious and important forum for Corporate America, Academia, and Government entities in promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities.

To further contribute back to our communities, AAEOY will partner with the CIE/USA area chapters and DiscoverE to kick-off a new initiative called the Future Engineers program. As future leaders are influenced at a young age, the purpose of this program is to coordinate and promote STEM activities across the US among students in K-12 during the DiscoverE Engineers Week. The past AAEOY award recipients will be called upon to engage in Future Engineers going forward. Activities in consideration for the Future Engineers program include: Vex Robotics, Math Competition, and so on.

Dr. Claire Jung
Dr. Lun Tsuei
AAEOY Co-Chair