Bellevue Westin Hotel is just an 18 mile drive north of SeaTac on Interstate 405, roughly a 25 minute drive without traffic. There are several ways to reach the hotel from the airport. You can take bus, catch a cab, rent a car, arrange for a private car service, or take the airport shuttle.

Shuttle Express

·       Fee: $19 one way, per person

·       Hours: 24 hours

·       Travel Time: 25 minutes without traffic

·       Contact: (206) 981-7000; Reservation Required

·       About: Shuttle Express buses depart regularly from the airport. Call in advance for airport pickup reservations, or book online. For more information visit


Taxi, Uber or Lyft

·       Taxi: about $50 one way; Uber and Lyft are relative cheaper.

·       Hours: 24 hours

·       Travel Time: 25 minutes without traffic


Metro bus route 560

·       Fee: $2.75 one way, per person

·       Travel Time: 50 minutes without traffic

·       About:

        Departing right outside of the SeaTac airport terminal every 30 mins. Get off the Bellevue Transit Center at 10903 NE 6th St, Bellevue, WA 98004. From the transit center, it is 3 blocks away and about 5 mins walk to the Westin Hotel of Bellevue. Check schedule at


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