2017 AAEOY Event Day Seminars
(Feb 25, 2017 at Westin Bellevue, Washington)

Technical Conference 1 –

Leadership Skills and Career Development


Session 1: Making the Right Moves: Moving from Early-Career to Mid-Career (and Beyond)

Speaker:  Iris Bombelyn, Vice President of Protected Communications; Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Abstract:  At one point, we have all shared the label of an “early career” employee, but the pace at which we can accelerate beyond this label depends on our ability to lead—whether it is leading teams of people or leading change within our own organizations. This presentation will discuss ways that people at any stage of their careers can look at the challenges they face—both personally and professionally—and view them as distinct opportunities for advancement. The discussion will include real-life examples and practical solutions that address career mobility, as well as how we can pay it forward for the next generation.


Session 2: Path to Purpose: Accelerate Your Personal & Professional Growth through Enhancing Soft Skills & Mentoring Practices

Speaker:  Dr. Xiuling (Hannah) Su, Founder & CEO, JH FLAG Services LLC

Abstract:  This presentation will focus on two critical factors that essentially affect our personal and professional development -- Soft Skills and Mentoring Practices. What are Soft Skills and Mentoring Practices? Why are they important? What are the ways to enhance Soft Skills and Mentoring Practices to speed up our personal and professional growth? The presentation will be supported by real-life examples, successes & failures as well as best practical solutions that will help to prepare your path to purpose.


Session 3:  

Speaker:  Jenette Ramos, Boeing Company.

Abstract:  This presentation …


Session 4: Beyond Bridges and Airplanes: Building Strong Families and Communities

Speaker:   Anthony L-T Chen, MD, MPH, Director of Health, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

Abstract:  Asian Americans are known for being hard working, technically skilled, and career focused.Yet, they are underrepresented in higher management, civic engagement, and philanthropy. Improve your leadership potential and find more meaning by adopting a systems perspective and investing time to improve our community and the future of our children. The speaker will share his journey from family doctor to highest ranking Asian public health official in the state, including detouring to help start a Chinese Boy and Girl Scout troop.

Technical Conference 2 –

Information Technology


Session 1: Evolving IOT with NFV/ SDN, 4G and 5G

Speaker:  Doug Eng, Distinguished Technical Architect, Wireless Network Architecture and Design, AT&T

Abstract:  This presentation will look at the potential relationships and intersections of IoT (Internet of Things) with emerging technology themes such as 5G (5th generation of 3GPP networks), NFV (Network Function Virtualizations, and SDN (Software Defined Networks). We will also briefly discuss the future challenges with emerging IoT use cased and opportunities for innovations.


Session 2:  Internet of Things and AI transforming technology and ecosystem

Speaker:  Marlina Hales, Business Development Manager on the Internet of Things and AI, Microsoft 

Abstract:  The Internet of Things (IoT) and AI is transforming how people, devices and data interact in every sphere of life. It’s not just about cutting edge technology; it’s about the digital transformation of industries and reshaping of businesses. It’s about how you’re changing the world, and we would like to help. Come learn how individuals and companies are developing IoT solutions, the challenges they are facing and how to bring ideas to realization. 


Session 3:  IoT program and Industry Internet Consortium 

Speaker:  Grace Jiang, Senior IoT program manager, Digital Aviation, The Boeing Company 

Abstract:  The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the use of IoT technologies in manufacturing. Also known as the Industrial Internet, IIoT incorporates machine learning and big data technology, harnessing the sensor data, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and automation technologies that have existed in industrial settings for years.  Industrial IoT is strongly focused on improving  operations with a focus on Return on investment. To develop IIoT, a company can set up an IoT program office and join the Industry Internet Consortium.


Session 4: Current Advances in the Internet of Things

Speaker:  Dan Mo, Senior Manager, T-Mobile 

Abstract:  Internet of Things (IOT) is the next big thing in people’s increasingly connected lives with proliferation of Smart Devices such as asset trackers, Wearables and Connected Cars.   This is a highly segmented market full of new business opportunities.  I will provide an update on the IOT landscape and give some insight into the major trends.

Technical Conference 3 –



Session 1: Airplane Systems Architecture – Current and Future Trends

Speaker:  Dr. Calvin Ling, Technical Fellow (retired), The Boeing Company

Abstract:  Airplane systems functionality, complexity and criticality have increased significantly over the last 40 years. Systems computing and network architectures drive the development, integration and certification costs and schedule. This presentation will provide an overview of modern airplane systems computing and network architectures. It will also discuss potential impacts of System-On-Chip technology on future systems architectures.


Session 2:  The Connected Airplane

Speaker:  Gerald Lui-Kwan, Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing Defense, Space and Security.

Abstract:  Airplane networks and off-board connectivity are improving the way that the airlines operate and maintain their airplanes.  This presentation will discuss the implementation of the networked airplane and how these networks help to collect and move data on and off of the airplane to enhance airplane operations and maintenance and also improve the passenger experience! 

Session 3:  Aerospace System Certification Technology Trend

Speaker:  May Lam, Software Authorized Representative (retired), The Boeing Company

Abstract:  Present aspects of commercial aircraft system certification technology trends and challenges and consider their regulatory frameworks to facilitate the introduction of those technologies that U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) faces in dealing with Highly Automated Vehicles.


Session 4: Current challenges and the future of cyber security for the aerospace industry

Speaker:  Dr. Tom Bui, Senior Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company

Abstract:  Cybersecurity threats are dynamic and unpredictable. The number of vulnerabilities in aerospace platforms that could be exploited grows as digital systems perform more functions. To counter the increasing speed of attacks and the wide range of attack vectors, aerospace cyber defense systems need to collaborate in near real-time. A cyber-ecosystem can share and learn via trusted communities while leverage machine learning, large scale data analytics, and standards to achieve this capability where risk decisions are automated by machines with human oversight.


Session 5: - Aerospace information system and data analytics technology trend

Speaker:  Dr. Anne Kao, Senior Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company

Abstract:  Airplane systems functionality, complexity and criticality has increased significantly over the last 40 years. Systems development, integration and certification are major drivers of airplane development costs and schedule.  This presentation will provide an overview of modern day airplane systems computing and network architectures. It will also discuss the potential impacts of rapidly advancing automotive electronic technology on future airplane systems.


Technical Conference 4 -

Biomedicine and Biotechnology


Session 1: Towards Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, and Participatory (P4) Medicine

Speaker:  Qiang Tian, MD, PhD, Scientific Director, CSO, P4 Medicine Institute

Abstract:  The convergence of systems biomedicine, digital revolution and big data, and consumer driven social networks has led to the emergence of predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory (P4) Medicine. P4 medicine differs from contemporary medicine in many ways, and its practice requires concerted efforts from physicians, hospitals, administrators, economists, other healthcare professionals, as well as patients, in communities of practices, both in the US and globally.


Session 2:  Deconstructing and Reconstructing Neural Network

Speaker:  Hongkui Zeng, PhD, Executive Director, Allen Institute for Brain Science

Abstract:  Human brain is considered the most complex system in the known universe. It is a highly efficient information processing machine. To understand how brain works, we need to generate a parts list – the different cell types that comprise of the brain, and understand how they work together – how the cell types are connected with each other to form the neural network and what is the role of each cell type in contributing to the network function. Recent rapid advancement in high-throughput technologies is transforming our ability to deconstruct and reconstruct brain networks.


Session 3:  Advances in Cancer Therapy with Antibody Technology

Speaker:  Zeren Gao, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Systimmune Inc. 

Abstract:  This presentation will discuss the breakthrough in cancer immune therapy, from antibody drug conjugate (ADC) to bispecific antibody and to CAR-T technology.


Session 4:  Aligned Nanofibers for Tissue Engineering

Speaker:  Miqin Zhang, PhD, Kyocera Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington

Abstract:  This presentation will focus on development of various multifunctional nanoparticles that can serve as imaging markers, targeting agents, and drug delivery vehicles for non-invasive diagnosis, treatment, and therapy-response monitoring of brain cancers.

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