AAEOY stands for Asian American Engineer of the Year award, an annual recognition event on the national platform to honor the most distinguished professionals of Asian culture heritage. As part of the National Engineers Week (DiscoverE) Program, AAEOY event is hosted by the CIE-USA, a national professional organization founded in 1917. Since first introduced in 2002, AAEOY has become a prestigious and important forum for Corporate America, Academia, and Government entities in the field of STEM to recognize outstanding Asian American professionals for their leadership, technical achievements and remarkable public services.

Since 2002, hundreds of Asian-American professionals from leading US technology corporations, prestigious research institutions as well as US Armed Forces have been selected as recipients of the AAEOY prestigious Award. The past awardees included Nobel Laureates, academia, key corporate executives and astronauts.

Besides recognizing outstanding Asian American engineers and scientists from across the country, AAEOY Award also honors and celebrates the achievements of Asian Americans of global stature and influence with the Distinguished Awards. The distinguished awardees have served as role models and a source of inspiration for the STEM community as a whole. Many internationally known individuals have received these Distinguished Awards at the AAEOY events since 2002.